Welcome English Speakers

Hello and Welcome to the Feel Good Family

We are happy that you have found our eshop.  We pride ourselves in being a shop welcome to all types of eaters and language speakers.  At the moment the shop is in Czech language but it can be easily translated to any language using the embedded google translate feature at the top of the page.


The Shop and Products

There are main sections for types of food such as raw, organic, gluten free and fairtrade at the top of the Food (Potraviny) section on the left. Then following that are the subcategories of food, which are alphabetized Czech.

Some of the products are marked on the product description page with small icons. If you hover over the icons it will explain a bit about the meaning of the icon. There are icons such as; organic, gluten free, fairtrade, sugar free, vegan, ect.

Beside food we also have on offer various household cleaning products which are chemical free. As well as natural health and beauty care products.  These products are also based on natural ingredient and without chemicals. Additionally, we carry a variety of fragrance free products for adults and babies. 

In the Lifestyle (Životní styl) section. There are items for using around the house and on the go such as essential oils, products from bamboo and reusable options for food packaging.

As we are a new shop we are always adding new products. We take great care in selecting the products that we offer. We ensure that the manufactures conduct their businesses in a way that does as little harm to the environment as possible. As well, we ensure that the products have not been tested on animals and do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. 


Healthy Articles

On the left side of the main page there is a picture of some fruit. Clicking on this picture links you to the library where we share articles on a variety topics about a healthy lifestyle.  Some of the articles in are in Czech while others are in English. We hope you find time to stop by this page and dive into all the wonderful information found there. We not only want to offer products that support a healthy lifestyle we also want increase people awareness.



When making your order you will have a few choices for shipping. The choices depend on the weight of the package. Yet, you can always choose ppl, direct delivery to your address regardless of the weight. If you package is less than 5kg, which for most orders that is the case then you can also choose Zasilkovna. A newer service in Czech that we find works very well and for a great price. You can choose from two methods with Zasilkova, either directly to your address for 90czk or you can pick it up at a chosen location, from the list of over 113 pick up points for 49czk. Additionally, if you happen to live in the Prague, Radotin area where we are located, we will deliver all orders over 300czk for free.  



When paying for your order you can select either; cash on delivery (dobírkou), bank transfer (převodem), online payment with a card (PayU) or if you happen to live in Radotin you can also pay in cash on delivery by selecting cash(hotově).­



On our facebook page, Feel Good Food Company we share lots of great articles and product information. As well, we offer coupon codes. So give us a like and stay informed about what's going on in the shop.


Need more help?

We very much hope that your enjoy your shopping experience and that is easy and pleasurable. If you have any questions about any aspect of our shop or natural products just let us know. We speak English and are always happy to help!  You can write us to info@feelgoodfoodcompany.com and we will be sure to get back in touch quickly.